Together we achieve more

oneRichmond cannot achieve everything at once. As an initial priority, we will focus on the needs of young people, particularly but not exclusively those affected by poor mental health and those who are coerced into criminal activity. On The Edge reported that:

  • Richmond is ranked the worst out of 32 London Boroughs for low GCSE attainment of free school meal pupils; and the 4th worst youth wellbeing scores in London.
  • Richmond has the highest rate of hospital admission for self-harm for 10-24 year olds in London; a third of our 16-19 year olds already have a diagnosed mental health condition.
  • Richmond has the 10th highest percentage of 15 year olds engaging in 3 or more risky behaviours in the country.

Rocket Science have been commissioned to undertake the local research into the needs of young people in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. At the end of last year, a consultation meeting took place with professionals working with young people in Richmond. 14 young people have been trained as peer researchers and have already engaged with 226 young people. There will be further specialist focus groups to inform the research. Models of good practice in other parts of the country will also be highlighted. It is expected that a report will be produced at the end of May 2020 with a number of recommendations.