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oneRichmond is being set up by Hampton Fund and RPLC, two local grant-making charities with a long history and grassroots knowledge of the local community.

Why a new charity for Richmond?

Research by RPLC and Hampton Fund found that the perception of Richmond as a wealthy borough masks hidden deprivation and disadvantage. This misconception impacts on investment coming into the borough, which creates an even greater disparity between wealth and disadvantage. We’re on a mission to address this. We want to bring the local community together and work to improve the lives and opportunities of disadvantaged and vulnerable people across the borough and immediately surrounding areas.

How will we do this?

We believe that with knowledge comes change. By looking at data, we think it’s like taking the temperature of the whole borough. It’s not the numbers that are interesting, it’s what they tell us about the lives behind the numbers. This approach allows us to identify and tackle head on the key forces driving deprivation and disadvantage across the borough. Evidence is at the heart of what we do.

What have we done over the last year?

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes since April to get oneRichmond up and running! Governance has been our priority and we are now in the throes of registering as a new independent charity with the Charity Commission. We have listened to the needs of the community and commissioned an analysis of existing publicly available data, which will support and inform our work.

What happens next?

We will be recruiting members for our own board of trustees, who will work to challenge misconceptions of Richmond being a wealthy borough and bring in new funding. By analysing data we will identify the gaps and target specific areas of need. We want to support, champion and amplify the voices of charities supporting these communities across the borough. Our vision is to revive the spirit of local philanthropy by partnering with the local community to support us by giving their time, skills or money.

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